Friend or foe! The Professionalisation Agenda: Teacher Educators in the Lifelong Learning Sector (LLS)

In this post, Charmaine Brown from Greenwich University asks a few important questions about the professionalisation agenda:

 Do you find this title provocative?

Are you passionate or indifferent about your role as teacher educator in the Lifelong Learning Sector?

Do you wish to have a dialogue with other teacher educators on the Professionalisation Agenda and what it means in real terms?

Friend or foe! is the title of my journal article(Brown 2011). It provokes reflection on the impact of the education policies [Success for All (2002) Equipping Our Teachers for the Future (2004) Prosperity for all in the global economy; world class skills’ (2006) ‘The Wolf Review’ (2011) Professionalism in Further Education – The Lingfield reports (2012)].

I decided to write this article after many discussions with colleagues and discovered that teacher educators needed a platform to discuss the potential impact of the policies on our professional identity and how we might be affected psychologically.

I remain passionate about my role as teacher educator having entered the profession in 1988. I enjoy promoting creativity into the learning environment. I see some of the boundaries of the curriculum a challenge which can only extend the expertise of the teacher educator. Problem solving; adapting to the learning environment and learners are but some of the challenges which we face given the successive government policies designed to improve our level of professionalism.

My preliminary investigation conducted as part of my doctoral research has indicated that we are fragmented in our opinions on the impact of the Professionalisation Agenda.

By completing the questionnaire you are being given an opportunity to have your say. You may download a copy of the questionnaire here:

Please return by 28th February 2015 to Charmaine Brown –


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