Is Frank Coffield the conscience of Post-16 Education


6 thoughts on “Is Frank Coffield the conscience of Post-16 Education

  1. On a personal note I owe Frank my continuing career I suspect: reading his work has kept my sanity at times. But I’d add to him Bill Williamson, Stephen Ball, James Avis & others. And maybe it is time we relied less on professorial greats – as practitioners in the sector we have a duty to start pushing back too perhaps.

    1. I do agree that the sector needs to find a voice and fight back. I;m inclined think this is a broad battle that encompasses more than FE.

      I think about his first demand for the sector in Resistance is Fertile.

      Teacher unions and professional bodies to become equal social partners with government and business in policy development.

      Actually I think politics in the UK are heading down a scarily dangerous direction and we have to respond. There is hope – look at Spain and Greece. But, in the current political climate how can the role of trade unions and professional bodies achieve a voice?

      1. Yes a tough one but worth a crack – Podemas came from nowhere to be influential for instance. A few of us, including Frank Coffield, have founded Tutor Voices (democratic network of professionals in FE, info at UCU is circulating a draft paper on FE which supports Tutor Voices, & ATL has asked Frank to attend its Congress to speak about the movement. From little acorns?

      2. Yeah – everything starts somewhere. Its good to see grand ideas being put into practice. Looking forward to seeing the shape that Tutors Voices take. These changes in Eurpoe certainly make me feel that anti-austerity and other left leaning politics can resonate and can win. After all, what’s the alternative.

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