A-Z of lifelong learning by Jonathan Tummons and Ewan Ingleby (Published soon)

I have just written an endorsement for the A-Z of lifelong Learning. So – here it is:

This is a welcome and timely text. Lifelong learning is characterised by continual revision and radical diversity. This simple A-Z of the sector provides a much needed overview of that complexity.  For the novice unfamiliar with the pedagogies, philosophies and policies that define working with adults – this A-Z of Lifelong Learning is an accessible introduction.  The seasoned professional familiar with a particular institutional setting will appreciate gaining depth and insight into the workings of an entirely different educational context. Those working in a further education college may know little and understand less about the distinctiveness of the Workers’ Educational Association. Each alphabetically listed entry is sharply focussed and accessibly written. The writers somehow manage to stay true to the criticality and contention desired by  those seeking depth. They do more than provide factual information; the reader is gently guided through the broad arguments surrounding that particular entry – audit, OfSTED and part-time tutors are three good examples of how contestation is introduced: there is enough here to appreciate the significance of the concept but too little to completely satisfy. The reader is left curious and inspired, wanting to follow up and find out more. Yet, each entry provides just enough detail to stimulate thought and discussion.